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Aircrete Blocks

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BSL supplies a range of aerated blocks suitable for use on a variety of domestics and industrial applications.

Regarded as a modern construction material, aerated blocks are a perfect balance between thermal performance and structural strength. Their low unit weight means they are easy to lift and install, saving valuable time and resource through improved laying rates.

Popular with homebuilders and bricklayers, they have quickly become the block of choice for construction professionals.

Much like aggregate blocks, aerated blocks offer proven high levels of technical performance and flexibility meaning they are suitable for multiple applications including internal and external walls, flooring and foundations.

Incorporating up to 80% recycled material, ease of onsite use and 'A' ratedthermal properties, aerated blocks are often regarded as the future of the block construction industry.

Our current preferred supplier for aerated blocks is Hanson Thermalite who offer their new tongue and groove trench block range which required no perp mortar joints which increases speed.

If you require more information about aggregate or aircrete blocks or wish to discuss your stock and delivery requirements, please contact BSL.